Your Captains

Your Captains are on hand to represent the views of members within the club, to offer support with personal running goals and encourage those who choose to participate in races and events.

Louise Johnson

I’ve been a member at Dragons Running Club for 8.5 years, where I have made some amazing friends who have helped me to achieve some of my personal running goals. 

I live locally in Yeadon and have 2 children – Millie, aged 14, and Zach, aged 9. I work as a cabin crew performance trainer for a local company, which I love as aviation has been one of my passions since childhood.  

I love running with Dragons as we are a social and friendly club. Going for a club run and a chat is the best way to boost my fitness without it feeling like a chore.  Equally, I  like to participate in a variety of races as I really like the buzz I feel on the start line. 

As part of my Captain’s role, I will be encouraging participation at the HDSRL and PECO leagues and will also be regularly updating our Dragons facebook page with upcoming races, events and members’ results. I am proud to be taking on the Captain role this summer and look forward to running with you!

Ken Creek

As a fairly recent newcomer to running and Dragon’s Running Club, I was delighted to be asked to be Captain. The club has helped my fitness and I have made many new friends.

The club is open to runners of all abilities and motivations – some run races, some members just want to run with their friends and have a good chat. Whilst I do run the occasional race, I love the informal evening runs.

The Covid lockdown period was when being a Dragon proved beneficial as the club offered a series of motivational challenges at a time when we could only run by ourselves or one other. This cohesion helped with people’s mental health at a difficult time for everyone.

I am also a running leader and now lead the Monday groups, often on a 3-4 mile run around Yeadon, or through some beautiful country trails during the lighter months.