holiday Banter at xo race #3

holiday Banter at xo race #3

More of a GAme than a RACE

6 Dragons joined around 50 other runners this week to take part in the third XO race of the summer series in Morley.

Here’s an explanation of how this event works.

The day before the event, you find out the race HQ (start and finish). You turn up to base camp and scan a QR code which gives a map and location of a number of checkpoints that you have to find to get points. The catch…all checkpoints are not equal. Some are worth more points, some are mental challenges and some are physical challenges. And you have to accumulate as many points as you can in 90 mins (penalty points for being late back to base). How far you run in your pair is up to you – and how competitive you are! It’s kind of like orienteering, with elements of a treasure hunt and physical and mental challenges thrown in.

It was great fun, and no-one took it too seriously (well a couple of teams did but most people were there for a laugh and the free drink at the end). It was a great sociable evening, something a bit different and we ran quite a distance without even realising it.

There are 2 more of these events coming later in the year (both in Leeds City Centre) and we hope to get more Dragons attending in the future.